Friday, October 2, 2009

The Next Bachelor - Terrible News

Not you again

Us magazine is reporting that pilot Jake from last season’s Bachelorette may be me the new Bachelor. Um, you may recall that pilot Jake was a complete cheesebag and sociopath who constantly talked about being accused of being too perfect and then like flew back in his pilot costume to Texas to confront Wes because Jillian was an “angel” and he needed Wes to admit that he only had one annoying song and a girlfriend. He was literally unbearable to watch because he was outrageously corny in every conceivable way and I may actually die if I have to watch an entire season of this nerd patrol mugging and grinning and saying absurd generic things like “what a terrific gal.” And since Jake’s a pilot or at least dresses like one, you KNOW every date will be a mandatory helicopter date or plane date, and they will constantly be flying to mountain top picnics or bungee jumping when they could easily just walk ten feet and get there. I don’t know if I can deal with this type of corniness for an extended time period. I might not be able to watch the show. Just kidding.

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Mom Jeans said...

i LOVE your blog. i found you through your gillian recaps/live blogging a while back and it really made the season for me. thank you. i couldn’t wait to see what you had to say about "vanilla boy". He is the lamest and most boring bachelor, hell maybe person, ever. frankly i would have preferred wes singing that damn song for the entire season over this guy. Regardless you HAVE to watch this crap and write about it – it’s going to be the only reason i will watch! xx

ps are you watching the city? doesn’t roxy remind you of gillian? it bugs.