Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Memoriam: Lamb Choppe

Sir Bedlamb Choppe of Short Hills ("Lamb Choppe")
September 11, 1996-June 8, 2010
Bijou, A Very Good Boy
Baby Lamb

L is for the lost socks that will never be returned
A is for "Autsur" which you learned at Exxon
M is for the many birthday and Valentine's cards you sent me
B is for your bandana, which you always wore so well, and the back door of the kitchen

C is for the orange chair that you loved to sleep on and challah, your favorite food
H is for hugs you gave and the kisses you offeredc
O is for "Outside!" the place you loved to walk
P is for the peanut butter you ate
P is for all the paws you gave
E is for everyone whom this quiet, beautiful boy loved and who loved him right back

Rest in peace, my furry boy. I dreaded this day since the minute I met you. You were the best dog anybody could ask for, and I hope you are somewhere with sun, couches, challah, the Game Show Network and no squirrels. I love you very much and I will miss you for the rest of my life.