Monday, July 13, 2009

Guest Post by Megan

Marin in her new business casual attire

Hi LIN readers, this is your Minister of Finance speaking. You may have noticed that Marin has sort of been MIA lately. Annoying, right? Yeah, well... drumroll, please... she GOT A JOB! Very nice, high five! So, after a more-than-year-long hiatus, she's now re-joined the legion of 9-to-5ers, pounding the pavement (or in this case the sardine can 4-5-6 uptown everyday). But she's also still doing her freelance work, which explains why she's also working 5PM to 9AM every day... bummer.

So, we ask for your patience during this difficult time. Hopefully normal posting will resume once she catches up with the 97 articles she needs to write and peels off those subway-sweat-soaked Old Navy business casual clothes.

In the meantime, if you feel like contributing to her emergency root canal fund (yes, the hits keep on comin'!), hit me up on Facebook!



subdividedkid said...

I'm a selfish reader. What the fuck is Marin going to write about now that she has a job? She will no longer make references to activities she can do during the day, no longer make jokes about lack of health insurance, the sentences excusing her daily behaviors and routines will be obsolete, and Perry will suffer neglect and have to hold in his urine for EIGHT HOURS straight.

She has been sucked in by Narnia and leaving her people behind.

Readers of this blog would like immediate explanation of what type of job this is, and how we can reach the office to campaign to let Marin go, but still pay her.

G Wolf said...

Congrats! The USO is proud to have you on tour.