Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rusty Makes Her Comedy Debut

This past Sunday, my parents rolled into town to take me out for Day Three of my birthday festivities. As we were seated at dinner at Otto, the following conversation takes place:

Rusty: Do you want to know how cool your mom is?
Marin: No.
Aliza: Not really.
Rusty: Well, ANYWAY. So I had done some extensive research on all these Ipods and Nanos and computer thingamagigs for Molly's Bat Mitzvah, because I wanted to get her one of the things that played music.
Marin: Uh huh.
Rusty: I knew I wanted to get her either an iPod or a Nano, so I went to the Apple Store in the Short Hills Mall, and I asked one of these "cool dude" young kids who worked there, thinking he would be impressed that I knew what I was talking about. So I said, 'excuse me, where are your iPod Shuttles?'
Marin & Aliza: Ha haha ha.
Rusty: So this kid laughs and tells me it's iPod Shuffles not Shuttles and I'm thinking, "oh great, now I look a real idiot" because I had tried to impress him but it was Shuffles, not Shuttles. Shuffle doesn't really make any sense.
Marin: Yes it does.
Rusty: Shuttle makes more sense.


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subdividedkid said...

my mom calls Text Messages "Tex Messages"

and she refers to all boyfriends as
"gentlemen callers."