Monday, June 1, 2009

LiveBlogging The Bachelorette TONIGHT, 8PM EST

Tonight I'll be liveblogging The Bachelorette beginning at 8pm. Join me in criticizing Jillian's nose, her side talking, her inexplicable needs to wear boots, the helicopter/airplane dates and in general the complete lunacy of this show. I plan to liveblog the show each week, so mark your calendars because we have a standing date. As Bill O'Reilly says, "Fuck it, we'll do it live!"


subdividedkid said...

I'm really curious which one of the guys "already has a girlfriend" -- I'll bet it's just some gimmick and there was a misunderstanding amongst the dramatic asshole guys.

Wes needs to learn another song.
David needs to confess his love for Who-wan.
David needs a trank
Who-wan needs a spine
Jillian needs a hysterectomy
Danny Tanner P needs to change careers and go into podiatry and accept the fact that he is never going to find anyone.

Someone needs to get Aliza on this show.

Anonymous said...

I loved this - do it again next week!!! Unfortunately I work Monday nights so I can't do live chat with you until school lets out in 2 more weeks, but I TiVo the show and watch it with your chat.

What the heck is sidetalking?? And maybe you could ease up a bit on or girl Jillian? She just looking for a cock, er, a boyfriend, er, a, husband? What's wrong with that??? This is a perfectly acceptable and realistic way to find said husband.

I actually think she's cute and charming and I like her squeaky laugh!! :)