Saturday, June 20, 2009

Perry & Pretty Boy in NY Times

As seen on Oprah and the NY Times; available for parties and corporate events

Today's issue of the NY Times has an article about Pretty Boy, the "Mayor of Seventh Street" who lived in the pet shop and hung out at Salon Seven all day. Pretty Boy's memorial service was supposed to be this Thursday, but it got rescheduled because it was raining, which Pretty Boy hated. On Thursday the NY Times people were in the middle of interviewing Mark from Salon Seven, when Perry and I walked into the place so Perry could get this cookie and we'd be on our way. All of a sudden, the photographer starts snapping pictures of me and Perry and I start screaming "No pictures!" because I had just woken up and looked greasy and homeless and if I was going to make my premiere to the world in the NY Times under an article about a cat and not in the Weddings section, I need to look "absolutely stunningly gorgeous" to quote Bret Michaels. Luckily the photographer took pity on me and cut me out of the shot, and you can see a pic of Mark and "Periwinkle" in today's NY Times slideshow.

However, as punishment, they attempted to embarrass and belittle myself and Perry by bastardizing his name and calling him Periwinkle when his name is in fact Perry Winkle Blue, a tactic that is eerily similar to the one used by the AKC when they gave Perry an official Latin registration name of Angus Dei (steak of god) when I specifically paid for the name Agnus Dei (lamb of god). I have contacted the NY Times and demanded a retraction and an apology and am now anxiously waiting to hear back.

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