Friday, April 3, 2009

Fast & Furious

Should be renamed immediately

I was watching tv the other day and saw and ad for Fast & Furious. That's weird, I thought they already made that movie. It turns out that Fast & Furious is the third movie in the series The Fast & The Furious, which makes absolutely no sense. First there was The Fast & The Furious, which is normal, and then when I heard that a sequel was coming out, I couldn't wait to see the title, because I thought it would either be More Fast & Increasingly Furious or Faster & Furiouser, but they surprised and really impressed me with 2Fast, 2Furious which I did NOT see coming. But rather than taking on the challenge of making a good third installment title out of 2Fast, 2Furious, they thought that cutting out the "The"s in the original title would make it go even faster. This is a ridiculous idea. Third one should have been named Fastest & Most Furious, or as Jen suggested, Thrice Fast, Thrice Furious. Otherwise it does not makes sense.

Actually, I just discovered upon research that Fast & Furious is technically the FOURTH movie in the series because there was apparently one called The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift. I can assure that this movie does not change the above analysis because I've never heard of it so it doesn't count.


mtpruitt said...

You missed another Very Important difference: the first movie is "The Fast and the Furious," but this movie is "Fast & Furious" -- with an ampersand. Much more efficient, saving six characters.

Robespierre said...

excellent point