Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kim Kardashian on Ebay

One of the things I like to do in my very limited spare time is troll Ebay in the hopes of using a $50 ebay gift certificate that I got two years ago for Hannukah. I actually thought the Oprah people had stolen it since I couldn't find it after they cleaned up and redid my apartment, but then it turns out they had just hid it from me in order to make me believe that they had stolen it. In any event, one of the things I look up is Herve Leger XS dresses, not because I want one, which I do not, but because it's a free country and I can look it up if I want to. Bandage dresses should only be worn if you are a mummy.

In any event, Kim Kardashian appears to be selling a bunch of Herve dresses in sizes XXS and XS, which is ludicrous considering that I once tried on an XXS at Bergdorf and I could not fit both legs into it even with Spanx on. Megan has the cell phone picture to prove it. This explains why Kim Kardashian constantly looks like she is about to explode out of her clothing. Everyone make a huge deal about her bodacious implantizations and a monumental butt, but the truth is that she's flat chested and flat butted and wears her clothing three sizes too small in order to force her stomach fat into her boobs and push up her knee fat into her ass.

If you click on her ebay screenname, Kimsaprincess, you'll see that she has about 500 pieces of her slutty wardrobe up for sale, and if you have time, I would strenously advise that you scroll through her auctions. It's like an encyclopedia of high class escort dresses in every color of the rainbow. Also, who has 500 pieces of clothing to spare.

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