Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Dilemma of Highlights

I am seeking natural looking highlights such as these

A few months ago, my normal hair person Saori unfortunately dyed my hair too light, and then I had her dye it back too dark, and this last time I thought she got it just right. Well, pictures from my friend's wedding came back and it looks like I colored my hair with Crayola Goldenrod color. In addition, when I see people who are blonder than me such as Risa I become very jealous. My color is absurdly off, but that may because the last time Saori put highlights in, she only put the medium highlight color in and didn't use the white bleach for the extra blonde pieces that are typically artfully frame my face.

My friend Jen's salon was having a "Recession Special" on cuts and highlights. Jen's hair always looks really nice and Saori's cuts are a little uninspired, so I decided to go to Jen's place to get my hair cut. I actually got a really nice cut, but every time I walk into Saori's salon, which is nearly every day because Perry gets a cookie in there, I have to put my hair back in a pony tail or put a hoodie over my head so she can't see that I've cheated on her and gotten a haircut elsewhere. Actually I think she is on to me because she's been acting more distant but obviously I can't ask her what's wrong because I don't want to have a confrontation about this.

In any event, unfortunately I did not think this haircutting betrayal through all the way, because the time has come for me to get highlights, and if I get them from Saori, she'll see that my hair has been cut by someone else. But if I get it from Jen's salon, Saori will see that my hair is lighter the next time I walk into the salon with Perry. If this were winter, it wouldn't be a problem because I could just wear a hat and hide the highlights, but what the hell am I supposed to do now? Don't say purchase a bandana and channel Bret Michaels, because I've already thought of that, and I think wearing a bandana for no reason would only call attention to my head. Any advice?


Emily Derksen said...

umm a that picture is hideous , you dont want to look like that do you fo reels? also just go in and get your hair cut by your original cutter. I had the same problem. went to get it cut somewhere else because of a sale. I was afraid to go back because my hair was obvs cut different but all I had to do was explain about the sale and my impulse and how badly i needed her to "fix it" those words bring forth all forgiveness and everything goes back to normal

subdividedkid said...

buzz your head.

Jennifer said...

Marin, it's obvious that this Saori women already knows about your infidelity - it's time to cut the cord and get your hair colored at my salon. As an alternative, lie and tell her your friend started working at a new place and you promised to go to her.

G Wolf said...

Just tell Saori you were away on business for a few weeks and needed a haircut.

And that you miss her.

Jenna said...

Do what we were bred to do: avoid the subject completely and feign ignorance.

Is your hair that drastically different that she would notice?

FauxRealism said...

Um, no tell-it-like-it-is observer would call that a photo of "natural looking highlights" so I wouldn't get too upset over the pursuit of the elusive perfect hair color.