Friday, April 3, 2009

Good Lucky, Crusty

Worst of luck to Aliza aka Chester d/b/a Crusty, who is taking the Psychology GRE tomorrow. I actually meant "best of luck" but I decided to use reverse psychology in this post to see if she's been studying her flashcards.

Aliza has been studying so hard for this shit that when I texted her last week to see if she was coming over for our regular Sunday night The Amazing Race/Rock of Love/Celebrity Apprentice/Tough Love appointment, she said she couldn't because she had to study, which hurt my feelings because we always hang out on Sunday night and I felt she was choosing the GRE over me and tv. I was going to confront her with an angry email this week about the whole situation, but I remembered how once on Rock of Love, Bret was really pumped to have a relaxing date getting spa treatments, and Kristy Jo interrupted and started crying about how she needed to have a talk with him to discuss how she didn't know if she wanted to be in the mansion anymore, and the Bret said to the camera how he was really annoyed because she ruined his massage, so I knew that Aliza would probably want me to wait until after the GRE to talk about how I don't know if she's prepared to live my rock star lifestyle. And so I did.

Good luck!!

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