Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Always baked. Never fried. Consistently lying.

There's a take-out restaurant in NYC called "Chickpea" which is basically a falafel place. Their motto, plastered on the outside of the restaurant and on all the t-shirts the servers there wear, is "Always baked. Never fried." Alrighty. So the other day I was in there and I ordered a falafel sandwich to go, because that's the way I roll, and the server said "Do you want the falafel baked or fried?" I thought it was a trick question so I just said "Ha, ha." She looked at me like I was from outer space and said, "Ma'am, do you want it baked or fried?" and I said, "Um, I believe there is no choice in the matter since your sign says always baked and NEVER fried."

She then told me that they have both baked and fried falafel balls and which one did I want, and I replied that I was just wondering how Chickpea could live with itself because it appears that its entire existence is based upon a filthy lie. Like if I want to go to Chickpea as opposed to the falafel place across the street, it's because not only do I want baked falafel, but I want to be assured that under no circumstances would they EVER fry a falafel now or in the future. The server continued to stare at me as I pointed out that her own t-shirt promised others that there would never be anything fried at this establishment, at which point the server asked me to step aside so she could take somebody else's order, so I quickly specified thatI'd take the fried falafel because fried things are more delicious than non-fried things.

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Scott said...

Dude. Just. Say baked. Signs say a lot of things. They gave you a choice, just pick the one you want. No deal. Jeez.