Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Intervention Needed on Intervention

Jumped the shark?

Um, has anybody else noticed that on ALL the new episodes of Intervention, Jeff Van Vonderen has gone completely AWOL, and now Ken Seeley is running the show. In fact, in a preview for next week's epsiode, they brought out Candy Finnegan for a girl who appears to be doing crack. Alrighty - I guess this means that this season the producers are actively trying to get the addicts NOT to go to treatment, because if they did they would have Jeff in there telling the addict that the family feels like they're losing them and they want to invite to invite them to join the fight, following which the addict would go to Broken Branch Horizons in Tuscon, Arizona and get their shit together. But no, instead they have Ken Seeley in there generally being a wimp, bragging about how he was a former meth addict and attempting to conceal his bad tattoo on his left bicep with garish colored polo shirts from Sperry Topsider. And as a direct result of having Ken and not Jeff, Janet went to rehab and then appeared ungrateful in the follow-up, and Nicole didn't complete treatment and still has that gross feeding tube in her stomach.

So in order to help all the addicts who need real interventions, I would like to propose that in the middle of Ken or Candy doing some lame intervention on an addict, Jeff Van Vonderen break into the conference room and announce that he's no longer going to stand by and watch Ken or Candy kill the addicts with crappy interventions, and that unless Ken or Candy get treatment TODAY to become better interventionists, the following things will change: They will no longer be allowed to be on Intervention; they will no longer receive checks from Intervention and Jeff Van Vonderen will re-do all the interventions previously ineffectively done by Ken and Candy. I would like to ask Ken and Candy to please accept this precious gift today that is being offered to you.


Mel said...

i totally noticed that tattoo too! and jeff is also my favorite.

Jessica G said...

Jeff Von V has had a replase with his own addiction and that is why he hasn't been around. He's taken time off from the show to get himself sober again.

Kinda hard to talk an addict into rehab when you're in a replase yourself. :) Hope this helps the confusion.