Monday, December 15, 2008

Movie Review: Doubt

My future look is not ideal

When I first saw the trailer for Doubt on TV and it appeared to take place IN A CHURCH, I marked my Google calendar so that I could be sure to see the movie the first day it came out because I need to be on top of anything that may in any way be related to The Scarlet Letter. Based on the commercial, it seemed like the premise was that priest Philip Seymour Hoffman may or may not have molested someone, and Meryl Streep was a pilgrim who was accusing him of doing the molesting. It turned out that the movie was supposed to take place in the 1950s in a Catholic school, not in 1776, but that nuns during the 50s were required to wear habits directly from The Crucible. Anyhow, I was expecting to LOVE it, but it was kind of boring and probably should have just been left as a play because actually nothing happened in the movie. My opinion may have been influenced, however, by the fact that I won "Meryl Streep Lookalike" in my high school yearbook, so I spent the entire time panicking that I look like Meryl Streep now or that I will look as jowly as her when I'm 40, which is a serious issue considering Meryl just had a facelift right before The Manchurian Candidate which was 5 years ago and her face is already going to hell.

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