Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Upstairs Neighbors

The lengths that people who live upstairs will go to wake me up before 12pm on Sunday is actually outrageous. Take this morning, for instance. Annoyed that I was once again sleeping in, my neighbors started up with their usual antics of moving all their furniture out of their apartment and then back in and rearrange it several times. Next up was a reenactment of Jack and the Beanstalk where everyone imitated the giant fee fi fo fuming up and down the stairs for an hour. When this failed to rouse me, they lined their apartment with tin garbage can covers, put on wooden clogs and performed the show stoppers from Stomp immediately above my head. They then got on their phones and screamed at each other and then took turns going downstairs to the buzzer and yelling at each other to buzz them up. Sensing their defeat, they resorted to lifting up and then throwing their piano down the stairs seven times and vacuuming the doormat in front of my apartment for 30 minutes, which finally, FINALLY got me out of bed. Well they may have won today's battle, but this war is not over yet.


subdividedkid said...

how do you think they felt when Candice Olsen's giant body was trampling around your apartment with camera men, homosexuals, and cleaning crews dealing with your messy lifestyle all because you can't seem to find a place to put the mail?

Seems to me like you need to go up there and give them a piece of your mind rather than passive aggressively approaching the situation on your hi-larious blog.

just thoughts.

rod said...

couldn't stop laughing.