Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newfound Anger

"How many roses can I give, Chino? How many and still one rose left for me?"
- Maria from West Side Story

As you may recall, I completely called it that Jason Mesnick, the dude that DeAnna Pappas rejected for Jesse Czsinkzask, snagged his own Bachelor show which I threatened to audition for. Well, apparently I was not quick enough on the trigger because the show has ALREADY TAPED, and according to this article from People, he's "engaged." Nothing infuriates me more than hearing other people talk endlessly about how they're "happy" or"in love" and when I read this article I wanted to bash myself over the head with my computer. Under what circumstances is it fair that someone gets to be on TWO reality shows, gets a whole new wardrobe AND an on-site tanning artist and then gets to have 20 women throw themselves at him and then he gets a Tacori free Tacori diamond engagement ring by Tacori at the end of the show, furnished by Tacori. Obviously my only consolation at this news is knowing that they will break up 2 months after the show and then I will be happy because both Jesse and Jason will be alone and then Jesse will be free to call me very soon.


subdividedkid said...

ummm... that YouTube thing by Jesse is ridiculous. As if we care? And seriously, Robespierre, Jesse is NOT attractive. And lastly, the Bachelor/ette series makes me want my mom to have gotten an abortion instead of bringing me into this cruel, cruel world.

rachsky said...

Just say you are a bisexual and having a learning disability and MTV will give you your own dating show.