Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Idyllic Day at the Dog Park

Well, I just got back from the dog park and I would just like to report the there was a lab mix with a muzzle running around, picking fights with other dogs. The owner followed the dog around and beat it with a rolled up magazine every time the dog looked like it was going to get in another dog's face. The following is what ensued:

Guy who sits on board of dog park ("Guy"): That's it - that's the third fight - get the fuck out of here!
Dog beater ("Beater"): Don't fucking tell me what to do!
Guy: Don't point that fucking magazine at me, get the fuck out of here, go!
Beater: I'll do whatever the fuck I want!
Guy: I'll call the cops! You've been beating your dog for a fucking half hour! Fucking leave! And don't fucking come back!
Beater: Don't talk to me like that! I'll fuck you up!
Butch woman with pit bull standing outside of dog run, yelling at Beater ("Pit"): Get the fuck out of my dog run! Yeah, why don't you come here...come over here little man, let's see what my pit has to say about this! Polly will eat you alive. She'll fucking destroy you! Bring your dog over here, baby boy, we'll see what Polly does...

[Beater leaves park, cursing]

Pit: Scared? You'll be a lot more scared when Polly is tearing your face apart! Ha ha! She'll shit on your brains! Guy, you let me know if that guy comes back here - I live right around the corner and I'll just bring my pit over, and there won't be any more problems.

[Marin and Perry leave park]



Mel said...

i'm guessing little monty -- who is afraid of everything from butterflies to synthetic fabrics -- would not have fared well in that situation.

Jengwei said...

I [heart] NY