Monday, August 11, 2008

ATL "Farewell"

My heart will go on

For those of you who are keeping track, I "lost" the "contest" to become the new editor of Above the Law. The commenters thought (flatteringly) that I had armies of readers that came in and "rigged" the election despite the fact that I actually have approximately 5 readers on a good day. But for those of you who voted for me - many, many thanks.

In any event, click here to check out my moving farewell tribute to myself on ATL.


Jennifer said...

Ah, tear. Those ATL readers are serious douchebags.

Maria said...

I expect numerous comments on ATL that you are a lover of Celine Dion and AC Slater and probably have posters of both of them in your bedroom in the basement of "Daddykins'" house.

adrew67 said...

worth nothing, but i voted for you (twice). best of luck in narnia.

p.s. what kind of name is marin for a jewish girl?

rachsky said...

I'd say that you were clearly robbed, however I really think it's ATL's loss. They were serious douche fuckers anyway.