Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Daddykins: "Isn't it hurricane season in Aruba?"
Me: "Probably."
Daddykins: "Good luck with that."
Me: "FYI I made a will - it's airtight and I've cut you out."
Daddykins: "You have no money."

For the next few days I'll be on "vacation" in Aruba...Don't worry, I'll be at my computer the ENTIRE time and fun is off the table. While I'll make an effort to post my normal crap, the next week will also feature a photo essay called "Ways in Which You Are Jealous" in which I post pictures of Aruba that will incite extreme envy in you and anger you greatly because while I will be sipping delicious alcohol on the beach and hiding my albino skin under 76 layers of protective covering, you will be sitting at your desk and your jealousy will escalate. Please make every effort to contain your jealousy.


Jenna said...

Daddykins-- always the optimist.

Kash said...

Have fun. Please keep updating your blog. Living in Africa, reading this blog is one of my daily guilty pleasures, amongst many other. :)