Thursday, August 21, 2008

Movie Review: Tropic Thunder

A few nights ago I saw Tropic Thunder which I was mildly psyched to see and which proved to be a decently funny movie except for the fact that TOM CRUISE FUCKING STOLE THE SHOW AND SINGLEHANDEDLY RESURRECTED HIS CAREER WITH HIS OFF THE CHARTS HILARIOUS CAMEO. I'm not kidding. It was truly beautiful - you know how everybody always refers to the corny "magic of the movies" and nobody ever knows what the hell that's referring to - well honestly, when Tom Cruise did his cameo (Warning: don't click on the link if you plan on seeing the movie), for one moment in time, all his couch-jumping lunacy disappeared, his Scientology nutbaggery fell away, his sham marriage seemed genuine and I forgave him for wasting my life during War of the Worlds.* He was, in a word, shamazing, and I couldn't stop talking about him for like a half hour after it was over and let the record reflect that they will 100% be making a movie based on his character, Les Grossman.

*Editor's note: seen on an airplane where I had already finished by book and read all previously purchased magazines.

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Above14thSt said...

I disagree. I thought the movie was all over the place, and I didn't particularly like Tom Cruise's performance. It was too "look at me everybody, I can be funny and do things that you wouldn't think I do, like dance". Meanwhile, I thought Downy was quite good and Jack Black.