Friday, August 22, 2008

Vacation Bonanza

View from Milan's kitchen

Next week, I will ONCE AGAIN be away on vacation, this time to the war-torn trenches of Croatia. My friend Milan is Serbian and has a house in Croatia, and I asked him why he PURPOSEFULLY would try and bait the infidel by having a house in enemy territory and he said that Croatia and Serbia used to be all called "Yugoslavia." Alrighty, I apparently did not receive that memo. I also did not receive the memo where another random country stole the name Yugoslavia from the former Yugoslavia, because based on my playing the country game in car rides (you have to name a country that begins with letter that the last country you said ends with, so like if I said YemeN, someone could say Namibia), I'm pretty certain that there is still a country called Yugoslavia, and if it's not the old Yugoslavia then obviously someone stole the name and people should get on top of that. My flight to "Split" which is apparently a place in "Croatia" connects through Frankfurt, Germany and rest assured I will be wearing ten Jewish star necklaces and will be draped in the Israeli flag during the layover.

In any event, I am definitely concerned about landmines and gunshot wounds but luckily I'm bringing a camouflage t-shirt and I intend to borrow Megan's hottt camouflage Marc Jacobs heels so there should not be any problems.

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