Monday, August 18, 2008

Geek Squad Delivers

A few days ago when I was having "technical difficulties" and my computer froze at the start-up screen, I had 30 heart attacks and took my shit over to Geek Squad located at the Best Buy in Soho. I was nervous because I've heard bad things about Geek Squad - like they mock you to your face about what kind of idiot doesn't know computers and throw around outerspace terms like "motherboard" "RAM" and "recovery" in order to get you to crap your pants and hand over your credit card for immediate charging - but frankly there is no other place to go since Geek Squad is a monopoly. In any event, as I'm standing at the counter with my laptop, my fears were cast aside when a Geek Squad member approached me to discuss the problem. He had all the key characteristics of what I look for in a computer nerd - obese, zitty and a giant loser - so I knew my shit was obviously getting fixed asap.

At this point he turned on my laptop to see how the screen froze and either a) the mere touch of a nerd heals computers or b) my computer was once again attempting to publicly humiliate me by deciding to WORK in front of other people, so I say to the guy "Wow- you guys are really good at your job!" and he laughed and made some loser reference to a science fiction movie like Star Wars or Space Trek and it is for this reason that I will certainly be returning to the Geek Squad for all future computer needs and can recommend them without hesitation.


Victoria said...

There's no such movie called "Space Trek."

Miriam said...

hey marin -- we went to law school together - im miriam, i think we were on con law journal together. my husband is a freelance techie - does just what geek squad does but is unfortunately not pimply and actually kinda hot. anyway next time your shit is broken, email him at just ask max, hes awesome. anyway, sorry you didnt win the above the law contest - i voted for you and i love your blog! hope to see you soon.