Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Megan

Megan at her 25th bday

Today is Megan's 26th* birthday. Megan is one of the funniest, most loyal and in general most awesome people I know. The first time I met Megan, I was walking into synagogue with my family for Yom Kippur and Megan was standing outside of temple with manic panic red hair, smoking a cigarette and standing by her dad's motorcycle (which he regularly rode to temple) and refusing to go in. My parents warned me against people like her, but to no avail; we met again in law school and the rest is history.


Liza said...

The first time I met Small Megan we were about 8 or 9 ... we both had glasses so we became friends immediately.

Then we went to the same college and I ran into Hippie Megan in the video store.... kinda bizarre.

I seemed to have skipped over Bad Ass Megan at Shul.

What I am getting at here is that I like Megan in her current form best... Birthday Megan. Happy Birthday again!

Jenna said...

Happy birthday Megan!

WTFHappenedToMyCity said...

is megan on jdate? Can you send me a message with her name? She sounds dreamy.

Mike said...

I first met Megan when I was a few days old; slightly prior, the following phone conversation occurred:

Dad: "You have a new baby brother!"
Meg: ::click::

She's turned into a much better person in the last 26* years.

Post-script: In case anyone's wondering, the best hair colors I can recall her having include, but are not limited to, purple, dark green, and super-duper-jet-black.