Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crow Asia

Hyatt Croatia front desk

I'm leaving today for the war torn beaches of Croatia, prior to which I will be stopping at the Soho Calypso to purchase a dress that I have been drooling over and was sold out in every U.S. store and which will increase my beauty by a factor of 30%. In preparation for my trip I bought a power converter so that my hairdryer and flat iron work out there. If they do not, I will be back tomorrow. Milan has promised me that there will be churches with icons and out there and rest assured I will be seeing them all and buying many Jesus souvenirs to add to my extensive collection much to my parents' disapproval.


Kash said...

You can get a flat iron for any country in the world at That's where I got mine and use in Timbuktu. They work as well as the CHI.

Risa said...

second best hotel in croatia?

rachsky said...

I know this is very belated, but I just saw these... in case you decide to ever go back, or vacation in Iraq