Wednesday, October 8, 2008

List of Words that Accurately Describe McCain

Not ideal

Last night I accidentally saw the presidential debate and watched as old man McCain hobbled around the room, clutching his microphone like Bob Dole grabs his pen, and wearing with what appeared to be a hospital bracelet on his left wrist. Um, the man is dying. In any event, I have compiled a comprehensive list of adjectives that accurately describe McCain:

1. Scaly
2. Peevish
3. Dank
4. Grim
5. Ossified
6. Elderly
7. Ill
8. Raspy
10. Mulish
11. Ornery


the women's circle said...

what about GILA MONSTER? that is 100% what he reminds me of, with his compulsive tongue flicking...

Above14thSt said...

one more "President" ???