Friday, October 3, 2008

R.I.P. Very Berry

Last fall, they put up on awning on St. Marks saying that Pinkberry was coming soon and since this was in the middle of Pinkberry craze where people would line up for a half hour and pretend that this shit was manna from heaven, people started to lose their shit in anticipation. In the meantime, two doors down from the future Pinkberry, they were furiously putting up Pink Very Berry, an asian frozen yogurt store that advertised "delicious you" and "healthy good" frozen yogurt that you could top with pieces of fruit in an effort to geniusly confuse people so that people would be like wait, did you say you wanted a Pinkberry or a Very Berry? And then Very Berry could steal all of Pinkberry's business because people would be easily tricked and not know the difference between the iconic green swirls of Pinkberry and the ramshackle imitation Very Berry with Getty Images stock photos of ice cream and fruit syrup on the walls.

I once tried Very Berry prior to Pinkberry's arrival and it tasted like sour milk and after Pinkberry there were never any people in there except for like one or two tourists who were in fact tricked by the name. In fact, two weeks ago, Very Berry changed its name to "Saee" in an effort to differentiate itself from Pinkberry but unfortunately forgot to change anything else besides the sign, and it was clear that this was a desperate move by a shitty yogurt place to differentiate itself from Pinkberry, since it had failed in its bid to try and confuse people into believing it was Pinkberry. I'd like to report that as of yesterday, Very Berry/Saee bit the dust, which now leaves only hilarious "Red Mango" (HAHAH) "16 Handles" and "Oko" for Pinkberry to defeat.


Jengwei said...

16 Handles will rule them all. I can't spend $9 for the synthetic crap that they give at pinkberry, and the .0000012312 grams of topping they add for $3 extra.

rachsky said...

I believe pinkberry is the only one that offers mochi as a topping... making it the only and most delciously legit yogurteria.

Jennifer said...

Red Mango is delicious. May I also recommend Crazy Bananas on 32nd street. Simply fabulous.