Monday, October 27, 2008

Tompkins Square Dog Run Halloween Parade Rigged, As Usual

First place winner Winner of popular vote

So yesterday Perry and I went to the Tompkins Square Dog Run Halloween parade dressed as Little Bo Peep (me) and her sheep (Perry) to march in the costume contest and rightfully claim our first place prize of a $650 custom oil painting of Perry created by some artist. The reason I was confident we were headed for the gold was because the idea that Perry doesn't even have to dress up to look like a sheep is 100% genius and certainly deserves a prize.

As expected, Perry and I were a crowd favorite and had our picture taken by the Daily News,, and this Flickr site, and yet the judges ONE OF WHOM I KNEW AND WAS IN MY STAND UP COMEDY CLASS, did not even give us an honorable mention in the costume contest. Not that I would have wanted anything but first prize because the other prizes were things like "organic dog bed" and "$25 gift certificate for dog shampoo," but not even PLACING in the contest is absolutely outrageous, completely bigoted and potentially illegal. I am so sick and tired of this costume contest being rigged that not only do I rebuke Tompkins Square in the name of Jesus but I will not be attending the parade next year and THEN we'll see who suffers.


rachsky said...

I seriously thought I was the only person who got all worked up over this shit. I wasn't able to make it because I had plans for the rain date, but my dog and I had big plans and we were going to go all out.

In any case, although I was not able to make it, if the parade was anything like last year than you definitely deserved 1st place. You look super cute and your dog is a superb sheep.

Gabe said...

It's because they're all anti-semites. That's usually the reason.