Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pick Up Artist 2 - Set Your DVRs

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This is just a friendly reminder letting you know that Mystery, the world's sexxxiest man who wears eyeliner and his band of merrymakers are coming back for season 2 of The Pick Up Artist, which premieres TODAY, OCTOBER 12 at 10pm EST on VH1. Season 1 was amazing and I'm sure season 2 will also be ridiculously amazing. I love Mystery. He gets a bad rap because he wears Abraham Lincoln hats, eyeliner, motocycle boots, capes, Robin Hood lace up shirts, goggles, fur cravats, Victorian pirate shirts and leather leggings, but I'd fall for his tricks any day. To read my defense of Mystery, click here.

1 comment:

The only frog with his own blog said...

this is my Halloween costume.. if anyone copies me, I will cut you soo bad.. you wish you a'int been cut soo bad...

also for the record, this is the best reality show of all time hands down.