Monday, October 20, 2008

Updated Genealogy Chart of VH1 Reality Shows

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I received alot of irate emails and comments regarding my previous VH1 chart, accusing me of "failing to include" various shows and generally insinuating my grasp of VH1 reality shows was anything less than magnificent and fearsome. Well, I don't take insults of my knowledge of reality television lightly as you can imagine, and the rage I felt at the comments motivated me to spend an entire afternoon pretending to be Amerigo Vespucci and drafting an even MORE comprehensive chart of VH1 that is so accurate that if you can find ANY mistake or shortcoming whatsoever with this chart I will immediately tender my resignation from life and live out the remainder of my days as a hermit by the sea.


Milan said...

Too much time on your hands.

But your apartment is sick.

Gabe said...

My life is now complete.

Above14thSt said...

I have a few questions/comments:

1. Erin Moran was on Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp. She was also on Scott Baio is 40 and Single. I think her absolute crazy demeanor on the Scott Baio Show sparked the producers to cast her on Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp.

2. There are two additional Danny Bonaduche VH1 Shows: (i) The New Partridge Family. Unfortunately, this Show, which featured singer Teddy Geiger, only lasted about three episodes. (i)I Know My Kid Is a Star.

3. Vince Neil was on the "Surreal Life" and also on the VH1 Show "Remaking Vince Neil". That should be added.

4. Similarly, Vanilla Ice, another Surreal Life Member was on "Remaking Vanilla Ice." that aired on VH1.

5. Christopher Knight and Adrienne Curry were also in "Celebrity Paranormal Project" on VH1

LegallySuited said...

And Adrienne Curry was - as I am sure you know - the season 1 winner of America's Next Top Model. So if you have the CW shows up there, shouldn't you have ANTM Cycle 1?

Go be a hermit now. ;)

subdividedkid said...

Adrienne Curry, yeah. You can't open up that can of worms without feeding the birds.

Is that even an expression?

anyway, I want CW shows in there.