Friday, October 17, 2008

Now Officially Living in Narnia


Some of you may be wondering where I've been for the past two days. There is a very simple explanation. You see, yesterday morning at 8 am, my doorbell rang. I walked to the door, opened it and STANDING IN MY DOOR WAS OPRAH'S "CLEAN UP YOUR MESSY HOUSE TOUR," two hosts and like 5 cameras and a crew of like 40 people who proceeded to storm my apartment and clean up my messy apartment. Needless to say I COMPLETELY LOST MY SHIT, HAD THIRTY MILLION HEART ATTACKS, ASKED 10,000 TIMES IF THEY WERE JOKING ME, EXPLAINED THAT IT WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL and after a while it was clear that they were not and that it was just in fact business as usual for people who live in Narnia on a full-time basis like myself. Oprah. OPRAH. OPRAH OPRAH OPRAH OPRAH OPRAH. THESE HAVE BEEN THE GREATEST DAYS OF MY LIFE AND I CAN NOW DIE HAPPY.

More details to follow - I'll let you know when the show airs. Thank you, Oprah. I really needed this. Seriously.


rachsky said...

So who do I need to speak to on how I can become you??

subdividedkid said...


It reminds me of when the astronauts come into the house and search for E.T.