Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bloopers from The Bachelor and the Viability of Both a Wardobe Consultant and Eyebrow Technician

Maybe it's because I wasn't drinking last night as I was watching The Bachelor with Megan, wait a minute, yes I was, but I noticed several absolutely preposterous things in this last episode that the producers were hoping that the viewers didn't see. First of all, in the scene where Molly and Jason are eating dinner in that abandoned medieval mead hall used by Beowulf, you can see shadows on the wall of people from the production crew walking back and forth. I paused and rewound in a minimum of three times to watch the production people shadows moving around while Molly and Jason are supposedly all alone and having this "romantic dinner."Next, at the dinner with Melissa and Jason, where they are eating dinner in different abandoned medieval mead hall, Melissa doesn't realize that Jason's napkin has fallen on the floor and he is moving it around with his foot and TRYING TO CONTAIN HIS LAUGHTER as Melissa goes on and on about "falling" for him despite the fact that she has failed to provide an explanation as to why her upper lip is 1.5x smaller than her lower one.

In any event, one of my self-appointed tasks during this episode was to prove to Megan that they in fact have both a wardrobe director on set which I have been suspecting for some time, as well as an eyebrow technician. The wardrobe director was pretty easy to prove, because when Jillian rolled up for her date on the mountain and helicopter ride (obviously) wearing basically the same plaid shirt as "rugged" "adventurous" Jason, Megan had to immediately admit that there was no way that a) two people could have possibly worn plaid at the same time without knowing about the other one and b) two people would think to pack plaid shirts on a trip to New Zealand, when you are only allowed one carry-on and one piece of luggage. While some may argue that dead-husband Stephanie's Britney Spears white fur vest and bedazzled shirts is evidence against the wardrobe consultant, I believe that Stephanie either opted out of such consultation or that the wardobe consultant is only brought in when 4 people are left because ABC isn't made of money and can't just buy bags of clothes for everyone.

In terms of the eyebrow technician, it has become increasingly apparent to me that the four finalists have the EXACT same shade of eyebrows, and the similar thin but full type eyebrow shape situation going on (not including Melissa's left eyebrow which appears to be overpucked beyond repair). My first instinct was that these women had tatooed on eyebrows, because their eyebrows appear to be solid lines, but eventually I favored the idea that these women had stenciled on eyebrows, done in some kind of cosmetic paint pen by an eyebrow professional such as Anastasia. After careful review of the footage, Megan agreed with me on this point as well.

If you're wondering why I am not mentioning the Fantasy Suite, it is because I intend to do a separate post on it, discussing what exactly happens in there, exactly what fantasies the suite is referring to, how Melissa's Fantasy Suite was actually a log cabin located in Sheffield, Massachusetts, and how Jason's elimination of Jillian was likely due to what I believe are Jillian's inadequate personal grooming habits. Stay tuned.


Seeking said...

what do you think of melissa? i actually think she seems like a sweet girl -- i've only seen one or two episodes though. she seems really young though. a little pollyanna, gee-willikers.

Jennifer said...

FYI, Molly has a pit stain in that photo you linked to.