Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor Drinking Game

Whose dream of being sober will end TONIGHT?

Brought to you by Subdivided Kid, Aliza and yours truly. This drinking game should be played with champagne ONLY, and before each drink, each player must ask the person to their left, "Will you accept this drink?"

Drink once when any of the following are said:

"I'm on the path to falling in love"
"This is becoming real"
"I'm started to have feelings for you"
"We have a connection/I feel a strong connection"
"I just want you to be YOU"
"It's tough being here with all the other girls"
"I hate sharing you"
"If Jason likes [name of other contestant], then I don't know if we're supposed to be together"
"I'm ready to be a mom"
"I'm ready to be a wife"
"I think I'm falling for him"
"My walls are up"
"It just sucks to pour your heart out/be vulnerable and get rejected"
"I really thought we had a connection"
"You're such an amazing person"
"It's been an emotional week"
"There's a rose on the line"
"Ty is the most important thing in my life"

Drink twice when any of the following happens:

Champagne flutes clink
The most romantic date in Bachelor history occurs
The most shocking elimination yet occurs
One on one date involves helicopter, jet, blimp or other aviation device
Dinner at the top of a building
Romantic picnic
Hometown date occurs in which the fathers "grill" Jason
Someone pops an implant
Jason gets back together with the mother of Ty
DeAnna comes back and ruins everything

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