Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Westminster 2009: Because That's How I Roll

From top: The "Award of Merit" Bedlington terrier in a bad mood being groomed backstage by her breeder who wore an apron that said "Real Women Groom Terriers"; the #1 Dandie Dinmont terrier, which isn't saying much considering only 3 were entered in the show; a Cardigan Corgi waiting backstage; a Spuds McKenzie Bull terrier; another Bedlington getting groomed backstage; all the Doodleheads lined up; the top 4 Doodleheads; the #1 Doodlehead in America.

Yesterday, me, Aliza, my mom and my aunt went to the Westminster Dog show at 8:30am to see the Bedlington terriers backstage and then competing. This is because all have problems expressing our love toward humans, but we can freely express it toward dogs, so going to these shows is very cathartic. I felt right at home amongst the crowd, which was mostly middle-aged spinster women wearing cable knit and Christmas sweaters clutching souvenir dog show books and keeping score of the top winners of each breed and gay men arguing over whether to leave for lunch or stay and watch the Salukis.

Whenever a dog won his or her breed, the owner who was usually an overweight middle age woman seated in the crowd somewhere, typically reacted by jumping up and screaming "That's mine! That's mine!" and crying hysterically. I tried to take some pictures of these owners having heart attacks, but the pics didn't really come out because my zoom lens blows. Needless to say, a great time was had by all and it only served to reaffirm my dream of throwing in the towel, shopping exlusively at Dress Barn, moving to Virginia and living out the rest of my days in a town populated exclusively by Bedlingtons.


Jennifer said...

Perry is better than all these pretenders to the throne.

rachsky said...

my level of envy has increased by 1000