Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on My Modeling Career

I'll be seeing you guys shortly

You may recall that in the past I complained about how America's Next Top Model allows fat and blind people to be on the show, but draws the line at short people, because you have to be 5'7" to apply. Well, this morning I awoke to find that Megan had sent me an email revealing glorious news: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE 87 13 IS CASTING EXCLUSIVELY MODELS UNDER 5'7." FINALLY, my modeling career can proceed as planned. Taking this news, plus the Rachael Ray chin rehabilitation, PLUS the Oprah stuff, I think it's clear that god wants me to be on tv. He really does.

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The only frog with his own blog said...

note to self: leave Saturday, March 14 wide open to hit on short models. I tell ya, waiting on line all day makes for a great captive audience.. Models: 0 Me:1