Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Premature Ejaculation Pill "Coming Soon"

Someone just sent me a link to this article, which describes how Priligy, a pill that cures premature ejactulation, has just received regulatory approvals in Sweden and Finland and may be submitted for regulatory approval in the U.S. This makes perfect sense, because with no cure for breast cancer, AIDS on the loose, Alzheimer's still at large and cervical cancer remaining incurable, it is of the utmost important that premature ejaculation be treated immediately, if not sooner.

Although the article specifies that that way the drug works is by affecting serotonin levels, in layman's terms this means that upon consumption, all thoughts of sexiness are immediately deleted from the patient's mind and are replaced with thoughts of grandparents of having sex, tax audits, baseball and extremely bad breath. This results in erectile dysfunction, which is why the drug must be taken in conjunction with Viagra. In related news, Johnson & Johnson is also working on a pill for women who are completely enraged, insulted and threaten to end the relationship after they discover that their boyfriends/husbands are taking both Viagra and Priligy in order to have normal sex with them.

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Coming Soon

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