Friday, February 27, 2009

Jason's Choice of Hideous Ring Inadvertedly Reveals Winner

Terrible. Just terrible.

When I saw the above picture on under the heading "The Ring Chosen By Bachelor Jason" I briefly contemplated suicide because it really proved to me that only the corniest people with the WORST taste are rewarded in life. Let's examine the ring, shall we? Well, what we have here is a 1.94 carat MARQUISE cut diamond in a monstrous six prong setting, "enCRUSTed with 170" diamonds, for a total of 3.18 carats, with the emphasis on "crust." This ring is a disaster from top to bottom and closely resembles a diamond turd on top of a cracked sidewalk. ason says he chose this ring because it was "feminine" and reminded him of the girl he picked, a.k.a Melissa, who has a penchant for accenting her french manicure tips with pinky rings and wearing dresses from Jessica McClintock.

The worst part of it all is that Jason had a CHOICE of three rings - an oval, a pear and this piece of crap, and yet he went with a small marquise diamond, so even if Melissa gets a grip on reality and decides to have the stone taken out of the dirty sidewalk and put it in another setting, it will look like a ring that you get at the dentist's office or order from Oriental Trading Company. Frankly if Jason proposed to me with a ring that had a center stone that was BOTH a marquise AND less than 2 carats I would tell him that if he ran fast he could catch Molly or Melissa's limousine and he could propose to them with that garbage ring because I sure as hell would not be accepting that crap.


subdividedkid said...

And how many South Africans died because of that hideous, consumerist-prized piece of crap?

Just terrible. Despicable, even!

Active said...

so, what do you really think of melissa? i haven't really watched that many episodes, but she seems like of daft. i can see why jason likes her though, kind of the cute, innocent one, plus the whole texas cheerleader thing.