Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson

You know, because I didn't want to seem like a complete jerk, I held my tongue as the whole hullabaloo surrounding Flight 1549's landing on the Hudson river took place a few weeks ago. Ok, FINE, I get that an engine blew out and they had to make an emergency landing, but no one seems to be focusing on how this situation has been turned into complete lunacy. For instance, birds flew into the engine and ruined it, and instead of just coming out and saying this, they kept on trying to make it into something out of Top Gun and kept on calling it a "Birdstrike" like these birds were Russian migs or filthy terrorists.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that people started calling this entire episode, "Miracle on the Hudson." Um, planes COME with inflable life vests, slip 'n slides and innertube things and unless they're just there for show to make people feel better and planes actually have no ability whatsoever to land on the water, planes can definitely land on the water and actually it's the captain's job to be landing that shit on rivers if there's no other option. In fact, two weeks ago on The Bachelor, one of the dates involved a scenic tour by helicopter (obviously) that landed on the water so I know for a fact that water landings are possible. So basically this captain did his job of landing the plane and we're calling it a miracle that someone finally did their job right. Great, well I have an idea, from now on when I stop myself from drinking a fourth margarita it will be Miracle at Rosa Mexicana or when I get a freelance job online it will be Miracle on Craigslist.

Potentially the most ludicrous part of this entire story is the fact that everyone insists on referring to the captain by his nickname, "Sully," like he's some old pal. I mean, my sisters call me Chester and Crusty and my dad calls me Robespierre, but if I landed a plane in a river and people started referring to me as Crusty or Robes all the time, I'd be annoyed and weirded out, yet everyone acts like it's completely normal to be calling him by some family nickname and this in fact may not be ok with him.

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G Wolf said...

The existence of my love life has been referred to as the "Miracle On The Internet", so I hear what you're saying there.