Saturday, February 21, 2009

Job Prospect: Chin Deprunization

Thankfully, my friends are always on the lookout for jobs for me, which helps in my all points assault on my unemployment status. I have long complained about my prune chin, which I botox for deprunization but unfortunately has the side effect of paralyzing my smile for 3 months and making me look like I have bells palsy. It's a price I'm willing to pay to eliminate the dreaded prune, but it looks like Ariel just sent me an answer to my prayers, from Craigslist:

Reply to:
Date: 2009-02-20, 4:22PM EST

Do you hate your chin? Nat'l TV Show wants to know!
It's a part of your body you might not think about unless it's a problem – your chin! Do you feel like your chin is so sharp that it almost comes to a point? Do you have small bumps on your chin that you feel like everyone can see? Is your jaw so pronounced that you don't even feel feminine? If you'd love to some help to make your chin look fabulous, let us know! E-mail us at with your name, age, phone number, and a recent photo (if possible). We hope to hear from you!

I am applying right now. Not kidding.


subdividedkid said...

any craigslist post with a typo I immediately write off as a drunken joke, a scam run by Tyra Banks, or a post written by someone with a gun to their head, all of which I want no part.

subdividedkid said...

I hope Rachael Ray decides to cook a meal called "Robespierre Chin Salad" and upon drenching it with EVOO she says, "Kids will love this! YUM-O!" and then gives a diatribe about her unhappy relationships or her alcoholism.

Do you think Rachael Ray is offended that Top Chef never asked her to be a guest judge? I'll bet she drank a few bottles of wine because of it.