Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe

No one cares

Some of you may have seen the trailers for the movie Nights in Rodanthe, which looks like possibly the most ridiculous movie of all time. First of all, where is Rondanthe and why would anyone care about a night there. That is essentially like naming the movie Nights in Livingston, NJ and acting like that is a good idea. The premise appears to be that Diane Lane and Richard Gere, having made up after Richard bashed in Olivier Martinez's head with a snow globe in Unfaithful, are somehow connected because Richard is a doctor and probably tried to save Diane Lane's dead husband or something. Diane runs a bed and breakfast on a beach and Richard has obviously been consumed with his doctor job his entire life and lost his wife and his family via divorce and needs to just take a break from it all and reevaluate, and finds a crumpled business card that Diane had given him years ago when she offered him a free weekend in Rodanthe as thanks for attempting but failing to save her husband.

I'm not 100% sure this is the plot because obviously I haven't seen the movie and plan to never see it unless I'm on a plane and the only other option is Made of Honor, but based on seeing other cornbag romantic stuff BY ACCIDENT I can tell you that I will EAT MY HAT if it this is NOT the plot. In any event, I would only recommend going to see this movie if you are female, divorced and in your late 40s, in your 50s and in a loveless marriage or enjoy films that specifically don't photoshop out peoples crow's feet in order to pander the audience.

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subdividedkid said...

eat your hat:

I haven't heard about this movie EVER until now, and I have to go on the fact that these movies ALWAYS pander to women; therefore, the movie will focus more on Diane Lane's journey (isn't that always the script she picks anyway? Under the Tuscan Sun, Unfaithful, Must Love Dogs). My guess is DiDi's life SUCKS and so she goes to Rodanthe to an inn... and there-- by some fortunate circumstance, meets Richie Gere who also has a life that SUCKS-- and together they find solace and love and romance and sex that old people shouldn't be getting. If that's not the plot, I'll eat my cat.