Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Robespierre Recommends: Fish Oil

Holy grail

As I've said before, nothing enrages me more than when people give me bad recommendations for things, including books, dry cleaners, groomers, salons and other things that can go horribly awry. That's why here, on Living in Narnia, I will only recommend things that will make all your wildest dreams come true. Today's recommendation, courtesy of a friend, and tried and tested by both me and Aliza, is Nordic Naturals Fish Oil pills. The friend recommended them to me when I told her that I was weaning off my Lexapro and that I was scared to feel emotions or in any way confront the pain of my mediocre life. The friend told me that fish oil pills would make me happy and would also make my wildest dreams come true, and while at first I was skeptical of these outrageous claims, I will try anything that seems like it may have come from a traveling minstrel once, and I can now confirm that fish oil pills are potentially the most amazing thing known to mankind.

For instance, when I was in Croatia I was getting depressed for no reason, so I took a fish oil pill and within 10 minutes the world was made of gold and I was in a top 3 mood. I told Aliza to immediately proceed to GNC and buy these fish oil pills and this morning she gchatted me to tell that fish oil had changed her life and that it was in no way due to the psychosomatic effects of believing this stuff rules because it genuinely DOES rule, and for this reason I can recommend without hestiation Nordic Naturals Omega-3 if you never want to feel shitty again.

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