Saturday, September 27, 2008

Postcards from the Edge

Gchat conversation, Saturday morning, 9/27, at 10:19 am:

10:19 AM Risa: morning
me: hi
10:20 AM im up for the counting crows presale
Risa: yay
me: well
i bought a 3 day pass
so the bad news
is that i cannot afford to buy
2 3 day passes
it was $487
10:21 AM so i have to find people to buy
singleton tickets
using my presale code
bc im not paying for another 3 day pass
its insanely expensive
Risa: sounds it
10:22 AM me: im presuming you have no interest
in going
Risa: where is it
in the city?
me: montclair nj
10:23 AM during the week
Risa: when
me: thats the kicker
Risa: what night
me: mon weds and thurs
oct 27 29 30
you dont have to make a decision now
Risa: i could go on the 30th
me: theyll be available for at least another week
10:25 AM the only problem i see
with this entire situation
(not just you)
is that obviously i get to these things
waaaaaaaaaaaaay early
in order to be front row
or close to it
and obviously people have jobs
and school
and they cant just like
10:26 AM start standing in line
at like 4pm
and while im happy to do the standing myself
if people show up at like showtime, there is no way whomever was showing up
would be able to push their way to the front
10:27 AM seeing as the theatre holds 2000
and its general admission
so i have to work out that kink in my mind first
as you can see
10:28 AM i have fallen off the counting crows deep end
10:30 AM Risa: yes


subdividedkid said...

post more pictures of your dog, Lamb's End's ANGUS Dei -- aka Perry.

Counting Crows are cool... but seriously. Let's keep this obsession under the rug.

WTFHappenedToMyCity said...

Is this called irony?

In one post you go on and on about the awful perfumes from 1992 and some wack on the street who still drenches himself in some long has been scent.

But then - the tirades of Counting Crows blah blah continues on and on for multiple posts.

Just like Drakkar Noir, Mr. Jones was way awesome in 7th grade, but is now relegated to the cheap rack in Walgreens.

Mike said...

Seriously??! Counting Crows? You seemed soo cool.. what is going on? plz handle thx