Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When Nerds Attack

My revolutionary/Les Mis boots

Yesterday I was at ANOTHER horrible CLE thing (and en route there I saw Nastia Liukin -Miss Liukin if you're Nastia - being filmed fake talking on a cell phone), about ethics. So as I'm sitting in the back eating Swedish fish and reading In Touch, I notice this pock-marked Bill Gates doppelganger two rows ahead of me looking back at me like every 5 minutes. He was short and ugly and wore glasses and was basically staring at my shit the entire time, most likely because I was wearing my sizzlingly hot revolutionary soldier/Les Miserables boots. In any event, during the break as I'm cramming trail mix into my mouth outside of the room, he was just standing there awkwardly and I could tell he was THINKING about coming up to me and saying something so I gave him my best "talk to me and die" look and luckily he did not approach.

When the CLE was over and I bolted out of there to watch Project Runway in time, this guy pretty much CHASED after me so that he was directly behind me in line to have our forms "authenticated" and then when I left he held the door open for me and said "Hi" and attempted to start some sort of conversation but I attached lightening bolts to my feet and raced the fuck out of there. While I will admit that most of the men at this CLE were old and bald, there were some young and fairly rich looking ones and my main questions are a) on what planet is it ok for someone who looks like, but is not as rich as, Bill Gates to approach me, b) why weren't better looking people approaching me and c) why has this blog not made me $10 million dollars yet.

P.S. This guy better put up a missed connection on craigslist or else


Evangel Nicol said...


Liza said...


a) Narnia
b) Because they live in Narnia
c) It did. But you already spent it on your les mis boots and CLE courses, remember?

Above14thSt said...

You should send this one to ATL