Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Heart Will Go Back, Apparently

You may recall that I was involved in a competition to be the Editor in Chief of the Above the Law site, wherein I commissioned my three blog readers to vote for me or else. Though I won the bronze medal in the competition thereby entitling me to remain unemployed yet still retain the bragging rights of being one of the six finalists for the job, I pitched an idea for an advice column to the site and they accepted. ZOINKS.

Basically, I'm baaaaaAAACK and will be posting a weekly feature on ATL entitled "Pls Hndle Thx" wherein I will offer sage advice to lawyers regarding law firm problems. What kind of problems? Frankly my expertise ranges from what to do if you go into a bathroom stall immediately after someone has taken a giant shit and you now see this person every day and you're revolted and it's interfering with your work, to how to act if you see a partner naked in the locker room of a gym and they try to start a conversation with you regarding your assignment and you feel like you might have stared at their boobs accidentally and they might have seen this and they might now be talking about this with other people and now you're paranoid you might get fired. And these are just two areas of my expertise, if you can believe that. I have more.

I think it's safe to say that I am now VERY close to everlasting fame and riches and to further this end, I encourage you all to read my first column and gchat me your thoughts.


misha bavli said...

Marin - welcome back to ATl - you rock. By the way, is that a Jewish Wheaten Terrier?

Robespierre said...

Thanks! He's a Bedlington Terrier.

Maxim said...

love it!