Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oprah Time

Just the beginning

So my Oprah show airs tomorrow, ABC at 4pm, and this preview clip I would say makes me look moderately insane. Not that I really have any disclaimer for what you'll see tomorrow if you tune in. They stormed my apartment completely randomly (I was not nominated) and filmed me for two days, which became a total of about 10 minutes of tape for the actual show. I think the producers chose me because they liked my story (quit corporate job to pursue writing dream) and because I seemed like a character out of Sex and the City by virtue of owning bags full of shoes and immediately announcing my nosejob just to clear the air, and some of the filming was aimed toward building those ultimately deleted storylines. My reactions to their surprises are crazy to the casual viewer, but they are in line with my usual overreacting self and the spirit of the entire footage. So if I come across as needing to go to Bellevue IMMEDIATELY it's because a) I probably do, and b) you're not seeing everything. And if I end up on The Soup for this, someone will pay dearly.


Maria said...

I officially reserved a conference room with a TV to watch it.

Liza said...

I am wildly excited about this.

Mel said...