Thursday, November 6, 2008

Positions in My Facebook Cabinet Now Available

You could work here

Megan recently expressed outrage over not being an "Officer" in my Living in Narnia Facebook group. As I've noted before, angry Megan is an extremely frightening thing, so I quickly made her minister of finance. Aliza then complained that she she didn't have an office, so I awarded her the coveted position of Court Jester. Luckily for you, there are still three HIGHLY sought after officer positions up for grabs in my group. If you'd like to apply for any of them (or ELSE), send me an email or write a comment. I have provided a brief description below of the duties and responsibilities associated with each title. Salary commensurate with experience; serious inquiries only.

1. Grand Vizier - Duties include complimenting me, bidding on my ebay items, doing revision rhinoplasty research on various message boards and reporting back with list of qualified surgeons and reminding me to record Intervention should a new episode be scheduled.

2. Court Composer - Duties include making jokes, immediately notifying me if Weird Al tickets go on sale, contributing to my chin de-prunization Botox fund and finding my retainer.

3. Lt. Colonel - Responsibilities including but not limited to: making my bed, picking up Perry's doody, complimenting me in the event that the Grand Vizier is unable to fulfill his or her duties and remaining vigilant at all times for confirmatory evidence of Bigfoot.

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the women's circle said...

um, i already do all the things in paragraph 1, and i have done a number of things in paragraph 3 as well (e.g. perry's doody). i think maybe i should have TWO titles. - megan