Friday, June 6, 2008

Budgeting: Schedule A

Graph shows richness on y axis and time on x axis

Megan helpfully reminded me that I left out the following expenses:

1. Psychic predictions/tarot card readings/crystals, etc. for myself and Perry - critical
2. Tailoring new clothes purchased to enhance beauty - critical
3. Magical creams, potions and topical beauty enhancers - critical
4. Botox in chin for deprunization - critical
5. Phone bill - optional


rod said...

can you add a function to send your blog posts to subscribers?

i don't remember to check every day.

matt axelrod

Robespierre said...

Hey Matt -

I think the only way to do it is to add it as an RSS feed (scroll to bottom of the screen). If you add it as a feed to google, and have, it will automatically update. I'll try and see if there is another way to actually send emails to you every time the post updates.