Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weak Chins

The power of 10,000 jaws

G Wolf brings up an excellent point in his comment about R.I.P Jesse Czsinzsizak. G Wolf says "His chin emits enough power to electrify Belize for several years." Jesse's chin is indeed angular and powerful. Angular jaws are my NUMBER ONE most important feature on guys. If it looks like your jaw has its own regular workouts at the gym, then you're the the guy for me. If it looks like your chin could colonize a small village, then we were meant to be.

I CANNOT stand weak chins on men, probably because I despise my own chin. Not that I have a weak chin - thank god - I just have an amorphous jaw similar to the one Demi Moore had during, and prior to Ghost, before she got some elusive chiseling jaw surgery which I've looked into. The amorphous jaw is terrible because when I'm not smiling I look like Inky/Blinky from Pac Man and when I do smile the prune makes its appearance and ruins everything. In any event, the whole POINT of a relationship is to have a yang for your yin, so I need whomever I'm dating to be the chin/jaw in our relationship and to have enough jaw for both of us. I foolishly thought that Jesse could BE that chin, but as I mentioned before, when I saw "Fool's Gold" as his favorite movie, I knew the jig was up and I would have to find a mandible elsewhere.

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G Wolf said...

Okay, and he's wearing his belt buckle crooked too. This guy is just an obvious douchebag.