Friday, June 6, 2008


Apparently I've been working here all along

Prior to my quitting, my dad told me about a mysterious concept called "budgeting" and that instead of spending my money "wildly and irresponsibly" (as was revealed in family therapy to which I was not invited, information courtesy of Jenna) I should make a list of my monthly expenses so I can see what I've been spending my money on and then trim the fat. So below I have set forth a list of monthly expenses and classified them as either critical, mandatory or optional, and based on this list I was pleasantly surprised to discover I had actually been "budgeting" all along and pretty much only spending money on essentials.

1. Manicures and pedicures (4x per month) - critical
2. Waxing ($80) - critical
3. Haircut and highlights ($300) - critical
4. Health insurance - optional
5. Cleaning lady ($80) - mandatory
6. Dog walker ($600) - critical
7. Perry's grooming appointment with senior stylist ($100) - critical
8. Food - optional
9. Gym membership at Equinox - critical
10. Rent - optional
11. New clothing to enhance my image - critical
12. Bottles of alcohol for personal consumption - critical
13. Cabs when drunk- critical

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