Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Price of Romance

So on the latest episode of The Bachelorette, DeAnna goes on a 2 on 1 date with Rob the chubby chef with anger management problems and Fred the "lawyer." In any event, because DeAnna is a cornbag, she asked the two guys what was the most romantic thing they had done for a girl in the past was. Rob tells DeAnna that he bought 6 dozen roses, ripped the flowers apart, and scattered the petals somewhere, which apparently was very thoughtful and impressed DeAnna for reasons that completely mystify me. DeAnna then asks Fred what he did to romanticize a girl, and he said that he planned a surprise weekend excursion with a girl to a cabin on a lake in the woods about a 2 hours drive from Chicago, where he lived. Normally this is acceptably corny romantical behavior, but unfortunately for Fred, Above the Law has revealed that Fred is actually NOT a lawyer, but a gym teacher at a Catholic school who happens to have a law degree from a school ranked just below the University of Phoenix Online.

My main question here is what kind of romantical excursion could he really plan on a gym teacher's salary of $28,000 a year, since cabins or bed and breakfasts are at least $150 a night, cost of rental cars are ridiculous, etc. But then I realized that Fred said that he planned a surprise weekend, which may mean that he planned it all online using The Sims and added a bunch of stuff to his shopping cart like picnic supplies and then showed his girlfriend what he would have done IF he had the the money, thereby getting all of the bragging credit but spending none of the cash. However, Megan proposed the genius alternate theory that Fred likely did go on the trip, but it was to a cabin IN the lake rather than ON the lake, and therefore extremely discounted.

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