Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ed Hardy: No Understand

Among the things that make absolutely 0% sense to me, including dog haters, skinny jeans and coal miners, Ed Hardy clothing ranks in the top five. I was first saw this Ed Hardy garbage on Rock of Love II. In season one, Bret typically wore snake skin trenchcoats, bandanas and cowboy hats, but in season two, he and everybody else on the show changed their tune and rolled up wearing what appeared to be bedazzled rags with pictures of skulls, hearts and spray painted words and sequined trucker hats with roses encircled with serpents and flames. In fact, in one episode, two girls who won a challenge got to go to the Ed Hardy store, pick out clothing there and have it PERSONALLY RIPPED by the Ed Hardy "designer." Maybe I'm old and crotchety (don't answer that), but can someone explain why people are paying for $100+ forthis shit because I'm not exactly sure what is going on here.

You know, I let it slide when people wore leggings and medieval tunics and I kept my mouth shut when people stole Uggs from the Eskimo exhibit at the Natural History Museum but when strippers and cocktail waitresses people scrimp and save their hard earned money to buy $187 t-shirts with pictures of skulls wearing sailor hats and tigers with daggers in their eyes, it appears that the Ed Hardy people are mocking everybody. Like they really didn't expect anyone to actually buy this crap and when Bret Michaels was doing laundry and ran out of clothing and put on the free t-shirt they sent him, people lost their shit and couldn't wait to blow all their money on jeans with sequined crosses. In other news, apparently Michael Jackson is collaborating on a forthcoming Ed Hardy line, and if this is the case, kindly disregard this blog post because I will be immediately proceeding to the nearest Ed Hardy store and buying each and every item made for, inspired by, or in any way related to Michael Jackson.


rachsky said...

I am extremely commenty today because I'm bored at work, so I hope I'm not overdoing it. Anyway, Ed Hardy is the only fashion faux pas worse than crocs (ie shoes for poor people). Ed came into the fashion scene as one of the creators of Von Dutch, which was cool for about 2 minutes. Von Dutch died down and Ed kept trucking somehow. If you have a chance you should really check out his crystal encrusted tiger jeans- they are top notch!

scott said...

The Hogan family also loves some ed hardy. Nick probably rocks all the shirts in yellow: "The yellow Supra... p***y magnet for sure. I mean, the green and the silver appeal more to men, 'cause a guy knows what he's looking at and will drool over it. But girls see the yellow, and panties start dropping off."


Von Dutch was a genius with amazing talent. Ed Hardy is a savvy marketer who stole all of his work/techniques from Eastern tatooists. The only thing they have in common, besides both being adored by q-list celebrities, is that Ed Hardy clothing is designed by the same dude as the guy who took over, and then abandoned, the Von Dutch clothing line.

rachsky said...

my apologies, I was misinformed.