Saturday, June 14, 2008

Emergency Edition: NKOTB

They're BAAAaaaaaaaccck

I was just gchatting with my friend Jon and he asked me what I thought about the new New Kids on the Block song, "Summertime." I hadn't heard it before, but I told him that if it rigidly adhered to the A-B-Chorus-A-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus structure, it was going to be amazing. Well, needless to say, the song rules, but the video rules even harder.

The best part of the video is that it starts off with a hilarious snapshot of the everyday lives of the New Kids on June 21, the first day of summer. Apparently, they are expecting people to believe that on June 21, none of the NKOTB were in their mortgaged condos in Boston because Donnie was getting into a helicopter, Joey was scuba diving in the French Riviera, Danny was going for a jog in a tropical location and Jordan and Jon were tooling around in their luxxxuriou$ cars. I think the bottom line here is that if you're doing Dancing on the Stars, (Joey) or the Surreal Life (Jordan) and you are forced to come out of retirement and do a corny boy band song even though boy bands are out, it's safe to say that Lou Perelman stole all your money and that you need cash stat. My friend Jon disagrees and says they still have all their money from the 90s, but if that's the case, why didn't they hire a better choreographer for the dance sequence in the video or at least not wear Men's Warehouse suits. Seriously, if they're so rich, why couldn't they hire someone to cure Jon of his panic attacks so they didn't have to cornily film the group dance sequences in silhouette and all blurry to pretend that they didn't have a stunt double doing all of Jon's shit while he cried offstage.

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